What is Sonic Clamp? iphone accessories guitar

Sonic Clamp is an accessory that will mount your iPhone to the body of your guitar or bass. It allows for optimum access to your touch device via two placement options. The easy adjustment fixture fits on a variety of solid body electric guitars or bass.

Access Your Apps

With more than 50,000 music smartphone apps available for guitar players, the Sonic Clamp is a key tool to help you access your apps. The Sonic Clamp's versatile design allows for full view of your smartphone and/or full accessibility of the touch screen.


Get Your Sonic Clamp

Ready to have access to your apps while playing the guitar? It's incredibly easy to purchase a guitar clamp from Sonic Clamp. Just click the “Buy Now” button below and follow the prompts.




Sonic Clamp Origins

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Interested in Sonic Clamp?

Sonic Clamp has just hit the market with this revolutionary product, and our goal is to sell this American-made product worldwide. Let’s work together to achieve that goal! Do you want to feature Sonic Clamp in your magazine or blog? Do you have any ideas or feedback on our website? Please give us your feedback on our Contact Sonic Clamp Page or Facebook.


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